“Invest in Livingstone ahead of UNWTO”


LOCAL real estate developers have been urged to invest in Livingstone ahead of the 20th session of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) general assembly scheduled for August this year, which will be co-hosted by Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Fairworld Properties Limited chief executive officer Chisebwe Fumbeshi said in an interview in Lusaka that the global tourism forum offers real estate investment opportunities for various business ventures not only during the UNWTO conference but also afterwards.
Mr Fumbeshi, who is a registered valuation surveyor and member of the Surveyors Institute of Zambia and Zambia Institute of Estate Agents, said real estate developers have a role to play in hosting the UNWTO general assembly.
He said the conference will generate an influx of more tourists, thus increasing demand for real estate like apartments, lodges and villas in Livingstone and surrounding areas.
Mr Fumbeshi said Fairworld is committed to ensuring that it provides professional service to the development of the country by investing more in quality service delivery.
Fairworld offers a full range of integrated property services of property valuation, estate agency, property management and development consultancy in Zambia and surrounding countries.
“Our commitment, whatever the situation, is to ensure that our clients receive the most efficient and effective property solution in a manner that exceeds expectations,” Mr Fumbeshi said.
Meanwhile, Minister of Tourism and Arts Sylvia Masebo has said Zambia has made tremendous progress in preparing for the UNWTO general assembly.
Ms Masebo is happy with the rate at which various stakeholders are preparing for the global tourism forum.
So far, the Livingstone City Council has prioritised rehabilitation of seven roads and development of some infrastructure which will be done before the commencement of the UNWTO general assembly.
And Government has, among other things, invested about KR3.5 million on online advertisement of the UNWTO conference.

Zambia Daily Mail 9/1/2013

Fairworld Spreads it’s wings


Fairworld is able to provide all the services it offers any where in Zambia. With representation in Lusaka, Ndola, Kitwe and Livingstone Fairworld provides complete property solutions including Property Valuation, Estate Agency, Property Management and Property Development Consultancy. Clients can buy, sell, Rent or rent out property easily. With dedicated departments and managers our clients receive innovative creative property solutions. Call us for property services in Zambia.

Providing Complete Property Solutions


FAIRWORLD ZAMBIA (Fairworld Properties Limited) is dedicated to the business of Valuation of property and chattels, Corporate Leasing, Tenant Representation, Residential, Commercial, and Agriculture Brokerage, Investment Planning, Environmental Auditing and Involuntary Resettlement Consultancy. Our services include Estate Agency and property management countrywide.
Our array of services is designed to relieve the stress and tribulations from selling, to looking for, finding and moving into your new home. Creativity in clients’ services is at the forefront of our operations. Further, we are qualified in Corporate Leasing and Investment planning.

The company is committed to professional standards set by RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) www.rics.org . We ensure that the client is informed of all the external elements that may influence their project and/or investment. We give tailor made advice on the best options to meet your needs and objectives.


“To be professional in the field of Property Consultancy; offering COMPLETE PROPERTY SOLUTIONS”.


“To provide service to all our Business Associates and Clients with utmost Integrity, Creativity and Excellence in order to facilitate COMPLETE PROPERTY SOLUTIONS”.

• Integrity
• Teamwork
• Respect
• Communication
• Excellence


At FAIRWORLD ZAMBIA, we offer our clients a full range of integrated property services. We adhere to a teaming concept that enables us to quietly assemble a mixture of talents to create the most appropriate team for each assignment. Our commitment, whatever the situation; is to ensure that our clients receive the most efficient and effective property solution in a manner that exceeds expectations.

1. Valuation

Accurate and reliable valuations are critical to the success of every property investment. Our advanced database and state of the art technology enable us to complete reliable valuations with prompt turnaround. These include;

o Speciality groups for Hotels, Resorts, Golf Courses and long term care facilities.
o Single Asset Valuations for Land and Buildings, Plant and Machinery and Chattels.
o Market Analysis
o Market Feasibility studies
o Highest and Best Use studies
o Appreciation Reviews
o Lease and Cost Analysis
o Arbitration and Consultation.


FAIRWORLD ZAMBIA deals in the acquisition and disposition of income producing properties for third-party owners. We provide buyers and sellers with local and international opportunities to capital markets. FAIRWORLD ZAMBIA applies a highly customised and multi-disciplinary approach to the institutional and private capital markets across all property types and major markets, to effectively anticipate trends and uncover opportunities.

Our clients can be assured that all alternative recapitalisation strategies are evaluated. By encompassing debt and equity solutions, the company ultimately provides clients with the maximum flexibility to achieve their capital needs.

By combining the knowledge, service and resources of the company, FAIRWORLD ZAMBIA empowers clients to make the best investment decisions.


Our approach is strategic rather than merely transactional, therein we asses a client’s products portfolio and requirements so that they get COMPLETE PROPERTY SOLUTIONS where their business flourishes.

4. Commercial Leasing

FAIRWORLD ZAMBIA provides Complete Solutions of commercial property services including owner and tenant representation, acquisition and sales, affiliations with property/real estate companies make us have access to all the properties on/off markets.

5. Residential Leasing

FAIRWORLD ZAMBIA Consulting Services is unparalleled knowledge, insight and on the ground experience regarding the specific residential requirements, taste and preferences of the customer so that we get the best options available as per their needs.

6. Environmental Auditing/Involuntary Resettlement Consultancy

FAIRWORLD ZAMBIA provides consultancy services in involuntary resettlement for compensation and mediation between parties involved in accordance with International Finance Corporation (IFC) guidelines. FAIRWORLD ZAMBIA also provides services for planning and assessing decommissioning & closure costs for extractive industries. Our team also provide expertise in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

7. Land Management.

FAIRWORLD ZAMBIA provides a special blend of technical expertise and a genuine understanding of the personal issues and dilemmas that land owners, developers and management agencies face. The FAIRWORLD ZAMBIA team skilfully identify practical development and management options on land and in water environments so that technically correct options can be applied.

The key to resource planning and management, in today’s challenging business climate, is to increase productivity and profitability – without compromising natural resources. FAIRWORLD ZAMBIA helps you find solutions that work. Evaluating, planning, implementing and managing, FAIRWORLD ZAMBIA will compare your goals and available options, incorporate financial, environmental and market factors, and then formulate recommendations, detailed implementation plans, and continuing management strategies.



Telephone: +260 211 840225
Fax: +260 211 840225

Email: admin@fairworldproperties.com

Website: www.fairworldzambia.com

Contact Person: Mr Chisebwe Fumbeshi
Cell: +260 966/955 780192


Contact No.: +260962213397
Email: kitwe@fairworldproperties.com


Contact No.: +260962113398
Email: livingstone@fairworldproperties.com


Fairworld Properties Limited (FAIRWORLD ZAMBIA) was founded by Mr Chisebwe Fumbeshi, holder of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Land Economy (Copperbelt University- Zambia) after working for R. M Fumbeshi & Company (Valuation Surveyors) for more than eight (8) years. Within the period, some of Zambia’s largest Companies, Banks, Mining Companies, Financial Institutions as well as private individuals are amongst the Organisations that FAIRWORLD ZAMBIA Founder has been trusted to represent and/or advise in his career.
Mr Chisebwe Fumbeshi leads a team of professionals drawn from various disciplines including Environmental Auditing, Economics, Marketing, Mass Communication, Real Estate and Construction. Mr. Fumbeshi is a Registered Valuation Surveyor, a Full member of the Surveyors Institute of Zambia (SIZ) and Zambia Institute of Estate Agency (ZIEA).
The fine combination of knowledge and experience makes FAIRWORLD ZAMBIA one of the leading companies in Providing Complete Property Solutions.
FAIRWORLD ZAMBIA’S team has experience in the following sectors:-
1. Real Estate Sector: This sector provides various opportunities in the Country. Our Services have been provided to ease the work and operations of our clients in the sector including Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Trust Funds, Various institutions and individuals.
2. Tourism Sector: With about 19 National Parks, 23 Game Management areas, largest Water fall in the world, and 23 million hectares devoted to the conservation of spectacular variety of animals Zambia has an active tourism sector. FAIRWORLD ZAMBIA has vast experience in the tourism sector including Valuation of various businesses and Real Estate entities such as Lodges, Hotels, Pleasure resorts, Golf courses, Game parks etc.
3. Agriculture Sector: Zambia has vast agricultural resource endowment. Arable land is plentiful for large-scale modern farming. FAIRWORLD ZAMBIA has experience and knowledge in providing complete property services in the agriculture sector including agro-processing of wheat, soya-bean, cotton, tobacco, spices, sugar, banana and various types of farms or establishments.
4. Transport Sector: FAIRWORLD ZAMBIA provides various services to the transport sector including property development consultancy, Valuation of Trucks & Buses, Earth moving equipment and various machinery.
5. Mining Sector: Zambia has enormous reserves of Copper-Cobalt ore and the country is the fourth largest producer of Copper metal. Gold, Nickel, Lead-Zinc, Iron and Manganese are also mined. In addition Zambia is endowed with very high quality of Gemstones – Emerald, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Rubies, Garnets and Diamonds. FAIRWORLD ZAMBIA has knowledge and expertise in providing various services to the sector. These include Valuation of Mines as “going concerns”, Valuation of Land & Buildings which has specific uses, Valuation of Machinery and Business assets for mines and Valuation for Compensation purposes where involuntary displacement of people occurs.
6. Manufacturing Sector: Manufacturing sector accounts for nearly 11% of the country’s GDP and has been consistently growing. FAIRWORLD ZAMBIA has knowledge and experience in provision of various services in the manufacturing sector in Zambia. These include valuation of machinery and specialised buildings.
7. Energy Sector: Zambia has abundance of energy resources. The most important source of energy is electricity, which is generated by three major hydroelectric power stations with installed capacity around 1608 megawatts. Zambia has a fully developed sector that provides for the distribution of fuels in the Country. FAIRWORLD ZAMBIA has undertaken various projects in the sector including Valuation of filling stations, Fuel depots, and Refinery equipment.
8. Telecommunication Sector: We provide our services to the sector including Valuation of Communication towers & Antenna and Valuation of Specialised Land & Buildings. FAIRWORLD ZAMBIA provides various consultancy services in the sector to players in the sector.

The following are part of the Key professional staff.
1. Innocent Chongo Mulenga: Holder of a Bachelor of Science in Estate Management from the Copperbelt University. He has vast experience in Valuation of Land & Buildings, Machinery & Business Assets and Property Development Consultancy. He is the Manager – Valuations of the Company.
2. Kennedy Chola: Holder of a Bachelor of Science in Estate Management from the Copperbelt University. He has vast experience in Valuation of Land & Buildings, Machinery & Business Assets and Property Development Consultancy. He is the Assistant Manager – Valuations of the Company.
3. Edgar Mhango: Holder of a Bachelor of Science in Estate Management from the Copperbelt University. He has vast experience in Valuation of Land & Buildings, Machinery & Business Assets and Property Development Consultancy. He is a Valuation Assistant in the Company.
4. Kaloto C Mwila : Holder of a Bachelor of Science in Estate Management from the Copperbelt University. He has vast experience in Valuation of Land & Buildings, Machinery & Business Assets and Property Development Consultancy. He is a Valuation Assistant in the Company.
5. Mathews Bizwayo. Holder of a Bachelor of Science in Estate Management from the Copperbelt University. He has vast experience in Valuation of Land & Buildings, Machinery & Business Assets and Property Development Consultancy. He is the Manager – Estate Agency of the Company.
6. Henry Twaya Silweya. He is an Accountant by profession with experience in corporate operations and accounting procedures. He is the Operations Officer of the Company.
7. Joseph Ngwira. Holder of Bachelor of Science in Forestry from the Copperbelt University and Post graduate diploma in Pesticides Risk Management. He has vast knowledge and experience in Environmental Impact Assessments and Environment Auditing. He is the Environmental Consultant.

Heaven & Hell



A property manager dies and soon finds himself standing in front of St. Peter. St. Peter tells him “You have a choice of going to heaven or to hell and I suggest you check them both out before deciding.” So he chooses to check out hell first.

He goes down to hell and finds himself in the middle of the biggest party he has ever seen. People are dancing and drinking and doing the limbo (and nobody’s doing the Macarena!). Everyone is laughing and having a great time.

Next St. Peter takes him up to heaven to look around. Everything is white and pristine. People are speaking softly about philosophy and mathematical formulas. Others are simply contemplative and serene. He’s bored in about five minutes.

St. Peter then says to the property manager, “I want you to sleep on it and meet me back here in the morning to let me know your decision.” The next morning he comes back and says to St. Peter, “Heaven is very nice and all, but hell looks great, so I’ve decided that I want to go to hell”. So St. Peter puts him on the escalator down to hell.

When he gets there he sees Satan whipping people and there’s fire everywhere and everyone is screaming in pain. So he goes over to Satan and says “Hey, what gives here? Yesterday I came here to check the place out and everyone had me partying and it looked like a great time. What happened?”

Satan looks at him and says “You used to be a property manager so you ought to know the answer to your own question. Yesterday you were a prospect. Today you’re just another resident!”

“For Sale by Ower”


WHEN A real-estate agency hadn’t sold our house, we decided to do it ourselves. I placed ads in the local papers, spray painted a “For Sale” message on a sign board and posted it outside.

When my husband came home that evening, he told me, laughing, that my sign was the most truthful one he had ever seen. Confused, I rushed outside to take a look. In my haste I had printed – “For Sale by Ower.”

How to Create a More Beautiful and “Sale” Ready Home


When you love your home but want to make some changes, how do you know where to begin? As a real estate broker and advisor to my clients, I am often asked what improvement projects are most worthwhile or where money is best invested.

In today’s market, I am consistently seeing that buyers are looking for the “cream puff” listings. They want a home that is well maintained, “move in” ready, priced well, and in a good location. No surprise there, right?
As I work with clients, whether they are preparing to move now or just looking to improve their home for their own enjoyment, I find a few things that consistently show rewards in the end.
Beginning with maintenance items such as roofing, siding, paint (both interior and exterior), windows, and a couple secret weapons that are often overlooked, which offer a huge impact and are more reasonably priced than you may think, are new garage doors and outdoor fixtures. Remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression!
Outdoor living areas have become all the rage by giving the homeowner an opportunity to add additional entertaining space to their home. The options here are endless depending on your budget and amount of space you have to work with, but this can be a great way to improve the function and finish of your home.
Take a minute to ask yourself, where do I spend most of my time in my home? Kitchen, kitchen, kitchen! We all love to eat and hang out in the kitchen. As a result, improvements here are always a good place to start.

Owner’s bedroom suites and bathrooms are also very popular areas for improvement. The range of options for these areas is vast based again on size and budget.
Consider replacing hard surfaces, base and trim, fixtures, and doors. Think outside the box and ask an expert for help choosing something that might set your home apart. Why use the same six-panel door that everyone has? Change it up a bit. Starting with the solid bones using neutral tones and embellishing with accessories to add a splash of color and your own flair is always a winner!

The more open, clean, and well maintained your home is, the greater your return on your investment will be. Buyers in today’s market have access to an abundance of information and have a good eye for short cuts. Work done just to “flip” a home will be called out very quickly! Always ask a professional for advice. You will find your favorite contractor or real estate professional will be more than happy to spend some time helping you make educated decisions that will meet your needs and show long term return.

Orignially posted on RGN Construction’s blog.
All photos are from www.rgncon.com